96 Rock Licks Review – Is 96RockLicks By Steve Stine Scam ?

This page is about 96 Rock Licks Review. Do you already know the 96 Rock Licks by Steve Stine ? Is this 96 Rock Licks Scam ? It’s easy, you can read this 96 Rock Licks Review here.

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96 Rock Licks creators: Steve Stine

96 Rock Licks Review

96 Rock Licks Review

96 Rock Licks is a 4 DVD, 2 CD course with book that explains how to play 96 guitar licks within the genres of blues, rock and metal. More essentially Steve Stine teaches you using these licks to create your own solos and also improvise. By manipulating the licks and also stringing several of them together, you’ll be able to write your own personal solos and improvise over a rhythm track or a quickly pull in a stay setting.

DVD one starts with Steve Stine training some of the fundamental techniques that may have to have down in order to play the licks. He demonstrates several types of bends, vibrato and so forth. The end from the DVD contains the first 5 licks that are rather basic however fundamental and very common within solos. He strings them together in various orders to tell you how you can grab through an improvised short solo.

Stine proceeds through the rest of the DVDs covering the remaining 91 rock licks which get progressively more challenging.

There is also a section on pentatonic, blues, natural minor as well as dorian scales that are used in the videos. The licks tend to be taught mostly in the important of Am but of course may be transposed in to distinct keys as you like…[more]

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96 Rock Licks Review