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This page is about Review. Do you already know the by Martin Brendal ? Is this Scam ? It’s easy, you can read this Review here.

Official Website: creators: Martin Brendal Review - Is SCAM ? Review is porn blocking application made to give you a secure Access to the internet for child. This system keeps track and checks this content of every web-page the kid browses through in the Internet Explorer. When the program finds some obscene content symbol of pornography, violence, religious sects, etc, will instantly block viewing such pages. Review will satisfy all your requirements and wishes about Internet parental control. simple to configure this software for pornography blocking, blocking websites with violence scenes, filtering websites that popularizes drugs, to filter the gambling games, the questionable religious sects along with other forbidden supplies. Review will filter the content of each visited and viewed page Each and every time! can provide on computer networks. Special network functions were recently added to our program to allow any network administrator remote experience of another computer around the network, so that it is simple and convenient to install and monitor our software on any network. …[more details Review]

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